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Great Spirits Baking Company


All Natural - Fine Liqueur Cakes for 2 to 4 People


The Great Spirits Baking Company is a gourmet specialty food company dedicated to creating the most sumptuous, all natural, handcrafted, packaged baked goods, extravagantly infused with the finest brand-name spirits. Our collection of decadently rich, moist Mini Bundt Cakes for Two are made using only the highest-quality, all natural ingredients.

Many months went into creating and perfecting our magnificently moist Mini Bundt Cakes for Two. They are all-natural, exquisitely rich and handmade from scratch with the finest ingredients - including the most distinguished premium spirits. These spirits are blended in an extraordinary special syrup with which we drench our Mini Bundt Cakes to both heighten the eating experience and act as a natural preservative.


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Our baking facilities are in rural Pennsylvania and in New York City. We are thrilled to be able to share their culinary magic with you!

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