Chocolate Tall Cylinder D:1 3/4" X H:2 7/8" & (K) - 104 Pieces

Special Notes:
D:1 3/4 X H:2 7/8"
104 Pieces
Made with the Finest Chocolate:
100% All Natural:
No Preservatives
Shipping Service:
Certified Kosher:
Circle K Rabbinical Forum
Customer Reviews

Chefs frequently find themselves in a situation where their style of presentation is just as, if not more important then the actual food they are presenting. If you are hoping to make a lasting impression on your guests, these perfectly sculpted chocolate cylinders are just the thing (, and with the Varda label displayed clearly on the front, there will be no doubts regarding quality).

Their understatedly beautiful appearance and elegant shape makes them a perfect vessel for a variety of different plated or passed desserts. Their tall and slim shape means they are perfect for filling with desserts that have many layers. Creating strata of delicious flavors and stunning colors is easy when you have such a beautiful canvas to work with. Your guests will be able to enjoy these cylindrical treats in a variety of ways and you’ll have fun experimenting with different ways of plating. Try filling your chocolate cylinder with layers of raspberry mousse and fresh berries and resting it against an elegantly piped pile of meringue. Or fill your cylinder with fruit coulis and seal it in with a layer of truffle gnache, then serve it along side sponge cake or ice cream and instruct your guests to crack the chocolate shell for a delicious surprise.

The extra attention to detail on the part of the Varda Chocolatier will ensure that you’ll be giving your guests not only a superior product, but an unusually wonderful dining experience. 

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