Hand Stuffed Olives stuffed with a Smoked Almond - (300 Ct) 1 x 5.5 Lb Tub

Special Notes:
Hand Stuffed with a Smoked Almond
5.5 Lb Tub
Refrigerate Upon Receipt
Average 180-200 Olives
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Allow 1 Day, Orders Received Friday - Sunday will be Processed Monday
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These Green Sicilian Olives have been hand stuffed with a smoked almond, creating an interesting combination of textures, mimicking the natural pitted state of an olive, only completely edible and delicious.

Stuffed olives are prevalent in many different cuisines, as a snack, a garnish or an ingredient. For each different stuffing, a different combinations of flavors or textures are selected. The little bits of savory or spicy filling completely change the experience one can enjoy while eating an olive. 
Green olives are picked before they have had a chance to ripen and then immediately packaged in brine. Their texture is denser and meatier than black olives and their flavors can be slightly bitter. These green Sicilian olives have been stuffed simply with a single smoked almond.
By stuffing these olives with a small smoked almond, our chefs are truly playing God. The texture achieved mimics that of an olive that still has its pit but as a delightful surprise, the pit is not only tender and edible, but delicious. The almonds taste of nuttiness and smoke and bring a lot of flavor to these Sicilian olives. 
Serve these as part of a cheese tray, or to add another layer of interesting flavor, wrap them in puff pastry and bake until golden brown, then they will be beautiful and substantial enough to serve as a passed appetizer. 
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