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All Natural

All Mishima Wagyu Beef are Raised in the USA and can be Source Verified to the Ranch of Origin. The cattle are never fed or implanted with growth promoting hormones, are not fed antibiotics and are raised without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics. All Mishima Ranch Cattle are fed a strict vegetarian diet consisting of high quality feed ingredients for more than 350 days in a comfortable, low stress environment. The Cattle are harvested in a humane way at a minimum 25 months of age in a facility located only 2.5 hours from the feeding location to reduce stress before harvesting resulting in  positive meat characteristics associated with the Wagyu Breed. 

The Cattle raised on the Mishima Ranch are made up of 50% Wagyu females that are kept on the ranch for breeding. These 50% Wagyu females were bred to 100% Wagyu bulls. The calves from this maintained process are 75% Wagyu 25% Angus.

Mishima Ranch uses a Japanese Style Grading system to assess the quality of their cattle. They separate the final beef product into 3 Grades according to marbling scores of Ultra-Super Prime Marbling (BMS 8 and higher), 5 Star-High Prime Marbling (BMS 6-7) or 4 Star-Prime Marbling (BMS 4-5). Because of the attention given to the feeding process and the superior genetics, a high percentage of Mishima Ranch cattle hit the ULTRA BMS 8+ standard.

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