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Molecular Techniques:

 Get started with a wide variety of our products to test your creativity in Food Science 

Create dishes with unusual shapes and textures with Agar Agar.
The Spherification Starter Kit with Tools provides everything you need to begin your exploration of spherification.
Calcium Chloride is used to make spheres out of purees.
Calcium Lactate Gluconate is used for the spherification of foods that are acidic, high in alcohol or fat.
Use Calcium Lactate to make spheres out of food without adding any flavor.

Coconut Milk Powder is perfect for baking and pastries.

Egg White Powder can be used to create, or add stability to foams and meringues.
Glycerin Flakes stabilize vinaigrettes and high-fat emulsions.
Heavy Cream Powder imparts a rich flavor, and luxurious mouth feel to sauces and soups.
Honey Powder is great for baking and pastries, as well as savory dishes.
Use Kappa Carrageenan to create a gel for enrobing.
Lecithin is used in molecular gastronomy to create delicate frozen foams.
Use Methocel F50 as a gel when hot, and a thickener when cold
Sodium Alginate is used with Calcium Salts to create spheres.
Sodium Citrate can be used to make spheres out of acidic fruit juice.
Add a dash of the Far East with Tandoori Powder.
Transform high-fat ingredients into powder with Tapioca Maltodextrin.
Ultratex 3 is a flavor neutral starch that can thicken warm or cold liquids.
Versawhip 600K can stabilize foams both hot and cold.