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Maytag Blue Cheese (1 lb)

Special Notes: No Saturday delivery
Size: 1 Lb
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•Made from Cow's milk
•Flavor: Semi-Sharp
•Recommended Wine: Merlot, Napa
•Product of U.S.
•Hand cut to order

Maytag Blue cheese is a hand made cow's milk cheese from Newton Iowa. Maytag is the most celebrated Blue cheese made in America, and has joined the ranks of one of the best in the world. Maytag farmers were some of the first to feel the uthentically small town, hand wrapped piece of art. When cooking with Maytag, incorporate its rich crumbles into a salad. It melts very well and makes an excellent sauce for pastas and meats. Of course, you have the option of leaving the Maytag alone, placing it in the center of your cheese platter and letting its white creamy paste and deep blue veins speak for themselves. This luscious blue cheese pairs well with a red wine in the glass, but it works even better with red wine in a recipe. There are countless great recipes that use Maytag Blue cheese and a variety of red wines to create beautifully balanced dishes.

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