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Try our award winning gourmet burgers!

We are continuously reinventing NEW and unique burgers all the time, focusing on great taste and a healthier eating experience for you. Our Exotic burgers will be sure to amaze you, so fire up the grill and enjoy an exotic treat.

Burgers 2/1 (8 oz) | 3/1 (5.3 oz)

Piedmontese Beef | Ostrich | Kobe | Elk | Antelope | Bison (Buffalo) | Kobe (Waygu) | Wild Boar

Venison | Lamb | Grass Fed Beef

Sliders (1.75 oz)

Kobe Beef | Piedmontese | Buffalo Chipolte


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Bison/Buffalo Sliders, low fat with Chipotle Chilies.


Tender and fatty Kobe Beef slider patties

This item is out of stock

Piedmontese Beef Sliders are high in flavor but low in fat


Lean and tender Antelope patties


Bison | Buffalo burgers are 94% Fat Free and Delicious!

$102.24 - $122.68

Bison | Buffalo burgers, low fat with Chipotle Chilies.


Lean and flavorful Elk Burgers


Tender and flavorful Kobe Beef patties

Lamb Burger on Pita with Tzatziki Sauce

Tender and flavorful Lamb burgers


Lean and flavorful ostrich patties.

$116.75 - $174.95

Piedmontese Beef Burgers, high in flavor but low in fat


Tender and flavorful Kobe Beef patties


Lean and flavorful Venison patties


Lean and nutty Wild Boar Patties



All of our gourmet burgers are 100% All Natural using the highest quality game and specialty meats available, raised without the use of antibiotics and/or growth hormones.

The Livestock is humanely raised and processed and produced in our local USDA facility to ensure the utmost care and quality.

Burger patties are packaged in 2 patties per package (2/1 - 8 oz) and 3 patties per package (3/1 – 5.3 oz)

If you prefer bulk 5 pound chubs, call our customer service number (888-845-3663) and we can assist you.