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Try our award winning gourmet burgers!

We are continuously reinventing NEW and unique burgers all the time, focusing on great taste and a healthier eating experience for you. Our Exotic burgers will be sure to amaze you, so fire up the grill and enjoy an exotic treat.

Burgers 2/1 (8 oz) | 3/1 (5.3 oz)

Piedmontese Beef | Ostrich | Kobe | Elk | Antelope | Bison (Buffalo) | Kobe (Waygu) | Wild Boar

Venison | Lamb | Grass Fed Beef

Sliders (1.75 oz)

Kobe Beef | Piedmontese | Buffalo Chipolte


This category doesn't have anything in it, but check back soon


All of our gourmet burgers are 100% All Natural using the highest quality game and specialty meats available, raised without the use of antibiotics and/or growth hormones.

The Livestock is humanely raised and processed and produced in our local USDA facility to ensure the utmost care and quality.

Burger patties are packaged in 2 patties per package (2/1 - 8 oz) and 3 patties per package (3/1 – 5.3 oz)

If you prefer bulk 5 pound chubs, call our customer service number (888-845-3663) and we can assist you.

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