American Kobe Beef - Build Your Own Box

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12 oz NY Strip Steak:
12 oz Ribeye Steak:
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Frozen Product:
Keep Frozen until ready to use
All Natural:
No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
High Prime Marbeling:
Equalivant to Japanese Grade 3, BMS Rating 6 -7
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Customer Reviews

Mishima Ranch is obsessed with the quality and consistency of their products. Their steaks outrank the other American Style Kobe-Wagyu distributors. The pronounced marbling against the dark red meat is beautiful raw and the bold flavor, marinated in its own melted fat is an eating experience of a life time. If the end product you wish to serve is a natural, tender, flavorful and consistent beef, you have found what you are looking for! 

6 oz Filet Mignon - The tenderloin of beef, more commonly known as filet mignon, is already the most highly regarded cut of meat available. 

12 oz New York Strip SteakThe New York Strip is cut from the center of the Striploin. It’s a flavorful cut of meat that is delicious cooked in a variety of ways.

12 oz Ribeye SteakRibeye steaks are cut from the prime rib section of the cow, and are generally the piece of meat with the most marbling.

8 oz Kobe BurgersThe beef is a must have for any true burger enthusiast. A quality of beef this high ensures a top notch burger that will blow your guests away.

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