Fresh Grade B Foie Gras

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In French, Foie Gras literally means ‘fat liver’ and can be taken from either ducks or geese. The liver of these animals is so rich and fatty due to the extremely decedent all corn diet that these animals live on. Grade B Foie Gras is only a small step down from grade A. The biggest differences between the two lie in the color and texture; B is slightly darker and not quite as firm. The flavor is still rich and buttery with earthy accents and a wonderfully fatty mouth feel.

This ingredient is perfect for using in recipes where Foie Gras is a rich accent but not the main focus. Use it in canapés and appetizers. The decadent flavor and texture of the liver will elevate all of your other ingredients to a truly special place.

If you are looking for a wine pairing to go with your Foie Gras dishes, you have many options. Port, Champage or a deep table re wine will all elicit different reactions and emotions when tasted with your fatty treat. 

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