Fresh Magret Duck Breast

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Single Lobe
Avg 14 - 18 oz Each
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Store in A Refrigerated Area
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Allow 1 Day, Orders Received Friday - Sunday will be Processed Monday
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Magret duck breasts are a product of the Moulard ducks, which are highly regarded as the most flavorful breed of ducks available. Although they contain the highest percentage of fat among other ducks, their meat is comparatively lean and they must be cooked carefully, for they will dry out if they cook for too long.

Duck is very common in European and Asian cooking and goes wonderfully with the flavors of these ethnicities. Asian preparations and marinades are especially enjoyable with the fatty texture and thick flesh of duck meat. After you marinate or season your meat, be sure to score the skin side of the breast for that classic crisscross pattern. Although it looks lovely, it also serves the practical purpose of letting the fat from the center of the skin run off and skin crisp evenly, not just around the edges.

If you are looking for a wine pairing, don’t feel that since duck is a bird that you need to stick with a white, duck meat is dark and hearty and could absolutely handle a red wine. 

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