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Meat Glue, Activa RM, Transglutaminase, 1 x 2.2# bag

Size: 2.2 Lb Bag
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•Food Enzyme used to provide ways to improve texture, yield, sliceability.
•Used to "glue" protiens together; mix Swordfish with Salmon to create a Seafood Filet
•Used to "glue" protiens together; mix Elk, Llama and Yak to create a Exotic Mixed Grill Filet
•Product of France
•18 month Shelf Life, Keep in Freezer to ensure product strength

A Transglutaminase enzyme preparation that can be used for bonding a diverse range of proteins such as red meat, poultry and seafood together. When proteins are bound with this "meat glue" they typically have the strength and appearance of a whole muscle similar to a tenderloin. It can be added as a pre-hydrated slurry or as a dry powder. ACTIVAŽ RM is versatile in application and its use can be tailored to fit most culinary processes. The current ACTIVAŽ preparations have been specifically designed for meat, pasta, fish, dairy, and other protein containing foods.

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