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Molecular Techniques:
Artistre ® Agar Agar
Create dishes with unusual shapes and textures with Agar Agar.
Artistre ® Basic Spherification Bundle
Restock your Spherification Starter Kit.
Artistre ® Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride is used to make spheres out of purees.
Artistre ® Calcium Lactate
Use Calcium Lactate to make spheres out of food without adding any flavor.
Artistre ® Calcium Lactate Gluconate
Calcium Lactate Gluconate is used for the spherification of foods that are acidic, high in alcohol or fat.
Artistre ® Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut Milk Powder is perfect for baking and pastries.

Artistre ® Complete Spherification Bundle
The Complete Spherification Bundle includes all of the ingredients you need for spherification.
Artistre ® Egg White Powder
Egg White Powder can be used to create, or add stability to foams and meringues.
Artistre ® Gelification Bundle

Get all the ingredients you need for gelification with our Gelification Bundle.

Artistre ® Glycerin Flakes
Glycerin Flakes stabilize vinaigrettes and high-fat emulsions.
Artistre ® Heavy Cream Powder
Heavy Cream Powder imparts a rich flavor, and luxurious mouth feel to sauces and soups.
Artistre ® Honey Granuals
Honey Powder is great for baking and pastries, as well as savory dishes.
Artistre ® Kappa Carrageenan
Use Kappa Carrageenan to create a gel for enrobing.
Artistre ® Lecithin
Lecithin is used in molecular gastronomy to create delicate frozen foams.
Artistre ® Methocel F50
Use Methocel F50 as a gel when hot, and a thickener when cold
Artistre ® Sodium Alginate
Sodium Alginate is used with Calcium Salts to create spheres.
Artistre ® Sodium Citrate
Sodium Citrate can be used to make spheres out of acidic fruit juice.
Artistre ® Spherification Starter Kit with tools
The Spherification Starter Kit with Tools provides everything you need to begin your exploration of spherification.
Artistre ® Tandoori Spice
Add a dash of the Far East with Tandoori Powder.
Artistre ® Tapioca Maltodextrin
Transform high-fat ingredients into powder with Tapioca Maltodextrin.