Fanny Bay Oysters - 5 Dozen per Box - 10 Lb Avg

60 Per Case
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Store in A Refrigerated Area
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Allow 1 Day, Orders Received Friday - Sunday will be Processed Monday
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Customer Reviews

Quilcene Bay oysters are unpredictable in size and shape, as they are grown by many different fishermen. Despite their irregularity, the flavor of Quilcene oysters is sweet, salty and fruity. Very enjoyable.

 Quilcene Bay oysters are grown in the Northwest end of Hood Canal. The town that surrounds this area has been built on the profession of oyster farming for hundreds of years. Each family either farms their own oysters or harvests wild ones. In fact, if you visit Quilcene Bay you could hop in and harvest your own oysters too. For this reason, oysters that come from this area are unpredictable in shape and size, but one thing stays dependable; their incredible taste.

Quilcene Bay isn’t a center of oyster commerce by accident. The oysters raised here are delicious, with a delicate meaty texture and sweet and salty flavor. The kick comes just at the end as you swallow, and are left with a light, fruity, cucumber like flavor on your tongue.

These oysters make a great impression on guests, and will showcase not only their own amazing flavor, but also your excellent taste. These little guys are the restaurant you had second thoughts about trying, but ended up having the best food. 

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