Kusshi Oysters - 60 Per Case

60 Per Case
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Kushi oysters are raised off the west coast of North America in a style that deepens their shells and gives them a dense and meaty texture. Their flavor is delicate and finishes clean.

The Kushi Oyster, despite its Japanese name is grown off the west coast of Northern America. The super involved and time consuming process that goes into growing and raising the Kushi oysters is well worth the effort, as it gives the oyster shell it’s depth and the oyster flesh its meaty texture.

From the time they begin growing, the oysters are kept in floating trays, and the trays are roughly tumbled through the ocean. The tumbling motion causes the oysters to retreat deeper and deeper into their shells, which ultimately grow almost as deep as they are wide.

Within the stunning cornucopia shaped shell lays a delicately flavored nugget of oyster meat. The texture is thick and substantial and the oyster leaves behind a clean finish on your palate.

These oysters are grown to resemble the famous Kumamoto variety of Japanese oysters, and in Japanese, their own name translates into ‘precious’. These delicious gems of briny goodness are very versatile and make a stunning presentation.  

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