Cellophane Noodle -10 X 500g - 11 Lb Case

Special Notes:
10/500 g
11 Lb Case
Non Perishable:
Store in a Cool Dry Pantry
Order Process:
Allow 1 Day, Orders Received Friday - Sunday will be Processed Monday
Shipping Service:
FedEx 3 Day Saver
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Cellophane noodles can be made from potato or bean starches, and are packaged dried. When re-hydrated, they take on an opaque color that earns them their name.

The dynamic of an Asian meal revolves around the noodles. Any other ingredient can be incorporated into them or enjoyed along side them. Asian cuisine has a variety of different kinds of noodles, each made with unique ingredients and a unique method of preparation. Cellophane, or ‘glass’ noodles can be made from potato or bean starch and get their name because of the opaque, clear appearance they take on when they are cooked. The noodles are usually thin, but they can be found in a variety of shapes and thicknesses. 

Cellophane noodles are popular in stir fries and soups and especially common as the star in Hot Pot meals.

Cellophane noodles can be served in hot, but are also delicious served in a cold sauce on a hot summer day.

Since Cellophane noodles are made from alternative starches, they are gluten free. They have an interesting flavor and texture and make a great addition to the diet of any one suffering from celiac disease. 

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