Gyoza Skins - 12 X 12 Oz Case

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12 x 12 Oz Case
Store in Freezer
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Customer Reviews
Gyoza skins are small round wheat flour forms rolled incredibly thin and cut to 3 ½ inches in diameter. They can be used for making dumplings, pot stickers and other filled noodle dishes. 
The filled pasta is an icon of international cuisine, each country, and sometimes even each city has its own unique recipe, spin or preparation of these small dumplings. In Asian cooking, this concept is especially popular and examples range from spring rolls, to wontons to pot stickers and dumplings. 
Each preparation has its own shell and gyoza wrappers are primarily used to create dumplings, which can then pre prepared in a variety of ways. Gyozas can be steamed, boiled or used for making pot stickers. Pot stickers are made by adding raw formed dumplings to a hot lightly oiled or dry pan. The dumplings adhere or ‘stick’ to the pan and create one beautiful brown and golden side. Then a splash of water is added to the pan and the lid is snapped on. The rest of the noodle is steamed through and the resulting dumpling has a tender noodle top with a crisp and savory bottom.  
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