Sudachi Juice, Marugoto Shibori, 1 x 25.36 oz. bottle

25.36 Oz. Bottle
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Store in a Cool Dry Pantry
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Customer Reviews

Sudachi is a small Japanese citrus fruit; its juice is acidic and peppery with spicy hints of cumin and cardamom. Sudachi juice can be used as a substitute in any recipe that calls for citrus.

Sudachi is a small Japanese Citrus fruit, most popular in the Tokushima region. In places outside Tokushima, Sudachi is considered to be a delicacy and can get very expensive.Marugoto Shibori is the juice of the Sudachi fruit,which captures all of its delicious flavors and wonderful health benefits.

Sudachi juice smells similar to fresh cut limes and is must ‘zestier’ then lemons. The juice tastes of pepper and fruity acidity, with notes of spicy cumin and cardamom.

Sudachi juice can be substituted in any recipe that calls for another citrus juice. Sudachi curd would make an interesting pie filling, perfect for the last course of a delicious Japanese-American fusion meal. Sudachi juice can be used as a flavoring for ice creams and sorbets to create another interesting dessert choice.

Sudachi juice is a great secret weapon to keep behind your bar as well; the citrus is what people will expect from their drink but all of those extra flavors that Sudachi has to offer are sure to catch them off guard. 

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