Togarashi - 1 x 10.58 Oz.

10.58 Oz
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Store in a Cool Dry Pantry
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Togarashi is a Japanese blend of spices, containing red chile pepper, roasted orange peel, yellow and black sesame sees, Japanese pepper, seaweed and ginger.

Togarashi is a traditional Japanese spice blend and although it is an exotic flavor combination, most of the spice components are pretty familiar.

Togarashi contains; red chile pepper, roasted orange peel, yellow and black sesame seeds, Japanese pepper, seaweed and ginger.

The red chile pepper gives a warm heat that sets the background of the spice. The roasted orange peel is an interesting texture and adds brightness, but also a discernable and pleasant charred flavor. The sesame seeds are crunchy and burst with a pleasantly oily texture as you eat them. Their flavor is mild and nutty and binds the other flavors together really well. Japanese peppers aren’t actually peppers in the traditional sense; they have an acidic flavor and an outrageous and unique numbing effect on the palate. It’s a mild numbing sensation caused by a chemical found naturally in the pepper. It has been likened to the sensation of carbonated beverages tingling on your tongue. The sea weed brings most importantly its delicate texture but also its own flavor profile and the ginger creates more heat that lingers on your tongue. All together, this spice makes a delicious addition to noodle dishes and other Japanese classics. 

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