Black Cerignola Olives - 5.5 Lb

5.5 Lb
Non Perishable:
Store in a Cool Dry Pantry
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Customer Reviews
Black Cerignola olives are tender and meaty with a mild olive taste, full of buttery and fruity flavors. Eat them as a snack, or as part of an Italian salad or pasta dish. 
Black Cerignola Olives hale from the Puglia region of Southern Italy. They can occasionally go by their full name, ‘Bella Di Cerignola’ which literally implies the beauty of this large and buttery olive. 
The specification of whether and olive is black or green has nothing to do with its breed and everything to do with the way the olives are handled. Black olives are allowed to fully vine ripen before they are picked and brined, green olives are picked before they are matured. This differentiation also has an effect on their texture, the flesh of black olives are more tender and fragile then the firmer green olive. 
Black Cerignola olives have a large size and a mild olive flavor with a lot of wonderful fruity aromas. They are considered to be understated, but that only makes them even more enjoyable. Use Cerignola olives as a before dinner snack, an accompaniment for a cheese platter or incorporate them into Italian salad and pasta dishes. 
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