Fig Molasses - 10 Oz Unit

10 Oz Unit
Non Perishable:
Store in a Cool Dry Pantry
Order Process:
Allow 1 Day, Orders Received Friday - Sunday will be Processed Monday
Shipping Service:
FedEx 3 Day Saver
Customer Reviews
Fig molasses closely resembles maple syrup, but with a fruitier flavor. Use this delectable ingredient all over your kitchen, in cheese platters, salad dressings, marinades, ice cream sundaes, cakes and pies. Fig molasses is a close sibling to maple syrup, with similar sweetness and a similar texture. The applications for this ingredient are countless and range from the simple to the involved. Starting with the simple, a ramekin of warmed fig molasses is a welcome guest to any pancake or waffle breakfast, it is even delicious spread on toast with a bit of butter. It is excellent as part of a cheese platter, put out a cup for drizzling onto baguettes or serve roasted nuts with a coating of this heavenly spread. Incorporate fig molasses into your next salad dressing for a fruity zing and leaves coated in sticky goodness. For the main course, fig molasses makes a perfect addition to any marinade or sauce in search of a little sweetnes If yo are baking with fig molasses, substitutions are unlimited. Anytime a recipe calls for corn syrup, light molasses or maple syrup, let this product stand in for a whole new dimension of flavor.
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