Paleo Burger Box - 4 Lb Case/16 Burgers- Elk, Bison, Wild Boar and Venison Burgers

4 Lb Case | 16 Burgers
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100% All Natural Burgers

Bison | Elk | Wild Boar | Venison 

The Paleo diet is based on the idea that humans will be healthiest, happiest, and strongest if we eat the foods that our bodies are biologically best adapted to digest.  Lean proteins support strong muscles, healthy bones and optimal immune function and lean protein also makes you feel satisfied between meals.

These burgers are leaner than most meats, but their moisture can be easily preserved. 

All of our gourmet burgers are 100% All Natural using the highest quality game and specialty meats that are humanely raised without the use of antibiotics and/or growth hormones.


Burgers are processed and produced in our local USDA facility to ensure the utmost care and quality.


Burgers are packaged in:

4 Each - Bison, Elk, Wild Boar & Venison : 4:1 (4 oz patties)

16 Burgers Total

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For the juiciest burger packed with flavor!

Sear both sides of your burger(s) on high heat then roast to temperature of your choice.

We recommend cooking Antelope rare to medium rare or less for optimal flavor!

Rare 120° - 125°
Medium - Rare 130° - 135°
Medium 140° - 145°
Medium - Well 150° - 155°
Well Done 130° and Above