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Corned Duck Breast, Fresh - 2 Lb (Pack of 2)

Size: Avg 16 - 18 oz Each
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•Unique addition to Charcuterie Plates
•Raw Cured
•Use in place of Proscuitto to add Flavor to any Dish
•Slice Thin and Serve on a Salad

The process of corning, although most often associated with beef, can be applied to just about any piece of meat. The first step is to create a brine. Water, pepper corns, sugar, spices and most importantly, salt are added to a container over heat. The water is seasoned with herbs and spices, sometimes vegetables or even beer are added. Once the duck breast is cooked through, it is fork tender and the meat has absorbed so many flavors from its marinade that it will burst on your palate. Corned duck breast can be enjoyed hot or cold, in casual sandwiches or refined trays of meats and cheeses for entertaining.

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