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Kumomoto Oysters - 60 Count (5 dozen per box) - 7 Lb Avg

Size: 60 Per Case
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Kumomoto oysters have the reputation of being the 'Chardonnay of Oysters'. Their beautifully cupped shells house a petite nugget of fruity flesh that experts and beginners of the oyster world love equally. Kumomoto Oysters are cultivated even been coined in their honor. Inside the deep cornucopia shaped shell, lays a small nugget of meat with a lot of big flavor. The flesh of the Kumomoto is luscious and fruity. The salty brine does wonders to accentuate the sweet finish of honeydew like flavors left behind on your tongue. These oysters are the best you can get your hands on. Serve them at any party or get together to ensure your guests will be impressed. Oyster novices, just beginning to love oysters appreciate this specimen for its delicious fruity flavors. Coinsures and oyster experts respect the name of Kumomoto oysters, and also can't help but love how simply delicious they are.

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