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Manitou Habas (peeled Fava Beans) -14 oz (Pack of 6)

Size: 6 x 14 oz Units
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•Wholesome Legumes
•All Natural Gluten Free
•Store in a Dry Cool Place
•Make 4 to 6 servings

The Fava Bean (Vica Faba) is a dark tan, flat, oval bean that comes in an inedible large pod. The Fava is about 3/4 to 1 inch in length. The Habas is a peeled Fava Bean. The Habas has a creamy white color, assertive, almost bitter earthy flavor and granular texture. The Fava can also be referred to as a faba, broad, horse, English, Scotch field, rounded or Windsor bean. The Fava was the only bean known to Europeans until the discovery of the "new world". The Fava's pedigree goes back to ancient Egypt as a staple in the diet of the pyramid builders. Cultivation can be traced back to the bronze age in Switzerland and the iron age in Great Britain. Habas Beans (peeled fava beans), are a great time saver and substitute for the fava bean in any recipe. It has an assertive, earthy flavor and granular texture that is great in cold salads or pureed for dips or bruchetta. Toss with olive oil and simply season with onions and garlic or with tomatoes and fresh basil.

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