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You Make Kit - Bacon Curing Kit

Size: 1 Kit
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•Shelf Life 1 Year
•Storage Dry Pantry
•Allow 1 Day, Orders Received Friday - Sunday will be Processed Monday

There's a special kind of food enthusiast for whom cooking and eating is simply not enough, they want to taste the effort. It's an admiral desire that all of us have at some time or another, but for the people who wish to truly submerse themselves in the art of food and become their own purveyors, Leeners has created a line of products that help you create countless do it yourself experiences in the kitchen. This particular kit walks you through the intimidating process of curing bacon; something you may not even think is possible in your own home. With Leeners on your side you can obtain the most basic ingredients, in this case the raw cut of pork belly that will eventually beget your bacon. Use the recipe as a guide line, of course utilizing all of the ingredients necessary to create that delicious cure, but adding your favorite spices and varying the sugar depending on your own personal taste. Your soon to be bacon should be allowed to cure in your fridge for at least a week, soaking up all of the delicious flavors of your marinade and becoming firm to the touch. After the curing process is done, smoke your bacon with your favorite variety of wood chips, or oven roast it for an indoor alternative. Leeners allows you or the gourmand on your shopping list to create something truly unique; bacon that will not only taste of maple and salt, but also of your own creativity and that is priceless.

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